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Another Reason Why Prices Keep Rising

In addition to the mounting pressure of insurance cost increases, contractors and providers of home services are feeling the wrath of an acutely tight labor shortage. In spite of steady projected industry growth, the number of people looking to enter into skilled labor fields doesn’t support the growth.This labor shortage problem is widespread and impacting […]

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Advice from Pure Situation Room: Help Reduce the Likelihood of a Winter Weather Loss

Factors Increasing the Likelihood of a Winter Weather LossResearch and analysis conducted by our Claims and Risk Management team yielded four common factors influencing winter weather loss and uncovered valuable insights that can help you be more proactive about preventing these risks.An unoccupied home: Members who were away from home for an extended period of […]

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Wash Away Your Winter Woes

This year, many parts of the country have enjoyed such a mild winter. Spring weather seems like it’s just around the corner-if it hasn’t arrived already.Take advantage of the moderate temperatures and our latest promotion to get a head start on your spring and summer maintenance!SpringHave your gutters cleaned. Call a Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning […]

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