Don't Overlook Cleaning Gutters in the Winter...It Can Cost You

Don’t Overlook Cleaning Gutters in the Winter…It Can Cost You

Even though the temperatures have plunged and it can seem counterintuitive, it's vital to continue cleaning gutters in the winter. Chances are, you regularly do projects around your home to maintain the integrity of your property, but when was the last time you checked on your gutters? Many homeowners often leave gutter maintenance for the spring or summer, but sometimes that can end up being too late before the damage gets done.

If you overlook cleaning gutters in winter, it can end up being a costly mistake for your finances and home. To help you understand why cleaning gutters in the winter is imperative, the team at Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island has outlined a few of the key things you should know. Continue reading to learn more about cleaning your gutters in the winter and how the team at Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island can help. 

Avoid Damage From Ice Dams by Cleaning Gutters in Winter

Depending on the type of gutters you have installed and how well you maintain them over time, they can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years before a replacement is needed. However, if you are looking to exponentially diminish the lifespan of your gutters, simply forgo gutter cleaning in the winter. In doing so, the number of things that can go wrong vastly increase - worst of all, you could be inviting ice dams to take over your roof.

An ice dam is when ice accumulates on the lower edges of your roof and inside the gutter system, often causing gutters to sag or start to break off. When gutters sag or break off from the home due to excess weight, they typically fail in a domino fashion and eventually cause homeowners to have to replace the entire gutter system.

Ice dams are typically associated with areas that experience fluctuating temperature or large amounts of snowfall and can become a real hazard to your home’s overall structure. If your gutters are cleaned beforehand and in good working order before the snow starts to fall, you will greatly diminish the ability for ice dams, icicles and other damaging conditions to emerge. 

And this is one of the top reasons why it's so important to continue cleaning your gutters during the winter. Be sure to stay proactive while learning more about ice dams and how they form, so you can spot the signs early on. To help you do just that, we've created a helpful guide to ice dams in "Ice Dams 202: How to Identify, Prevent and Remove Ice Dams." 

Cleaning Gutters in the Winter Can Keep Creepy Crawly Critters at Bay

Forgetting to clean your gutters regularly can lead to stagnant or standing water in your gutters, a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes. If you didn't already know, their eggs can survive the winter cold, meaning once the weather starts to warm up again you can have an even larger infestation of mosquitoes than usual. While mosquitos can be a pest, failing to clean your gutters in the winter can welcome larger, more sinister, and just creepier critters to and into your domicile. 

Gutters that are filled with snow are also a haven for rodents and voles to linger in. Why? Because the snow acts as insulation, resulting in perfect nests and walkways for pests to call home. Regularly cleaning your gutters and maintaining them keeps the rodents and critters at bay, leading to less of their waste around the home and less possible damage to your gutters.

Cleaning Gutters in the Winter Can Prevent Structural Damage

News flash, clogged gutters can weaken the foundation of your home. When the gutters are clogged and rainwater is unable to reach the spout, it runs-off the side of the gutters onto the foundation of your home. Not only is this a potential recipe for a slip in fall during the winter, but this excess water will slowly start to seep into the ground around your home's foundation.

Excess water around the foundation can lead to cracks that widen over time, eventually finding its way into your basement. Left unattended, it can cause water damage, lead to standing water in the basement, or even worse become a habitat for mold to reproduce.

Gutter Cleaning in Winter Prevents Possible Health Issues

Yes, having clogged gutters can be bad for your health. Similar to how water leaking into the basement can cause mold, clogged gutters can cause the same problem. Once your gutters become jam-packed with leaves, pines needles, and twigs, they become a hot spot for mildew and mold to develop and flourish.

People who suffer from respiratory diseases like asthma or have allergies can be affected by the harmful mildew and mold spores that linger in the air. Cleaning gutters in the winter months or before snow begins to fall is the best time to prevent these harmful contaminants from becoming a bigger problem as the warmer months start approaching. 

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