Is Gutter Cleaning Worth It? What You Need to Know

Is Gutter Cleaning Worth It? What You Need to Know

Old leaves and moss in gutters

Have you ever seen a roof that has a plant or small tree growing out of its gutter? That’s a tell-tale sign of a home that is not being properly maintained and maintaining gutters is a big necessity for homeowners - especially in very rainy areas or for homes located under trees that experience a lot of falling leaves, pine needles, or other debris.

The most common time to clean your gutters is in the autumn after all of the leaves have fallen. Cleaning gutters to remove leaves, sticks, growing plants, and other debris is crucial for protecting the structure of your home and preventing what can be costly repairs in the future.

We get asked by our customers from time to time “is gutter cleaning worth it?” We’re here to tell you that not only is gutter cleaning worth it to keep your gutters properly maintained, but that properly maintained gutters help protect your entire home.

The Top 8 Reasons Why Gutter Cleaning is Worth It

Preserving Your Gutters

The first reason gutter cleaning is worth it is to protect the gutters themselves. Gutter damage occurs when clogged debris and the resulting overflowing rainwater are left to corrode your gutters. Since most gutters are still made from aluminum, this is a significant potential problem. By keeping your gutters free of debris and funneling water correctly down the spouts, your gutters will last much longer. For gutters without the protection of Gutter Guards, regular cleaning is a must.

Identifying Damaged Gutters

As gutter cleaners, we frequently come across parts of a gutter that are either damaged or even missing. Causes for this could be storm damage, falling tree limbs, or even other projectile objects like a child’s errant baseball. Having your gutter cleaning service identify these issues early on helps minimize further expenses down the road by correcting the situation quickly.

Protect Your Roofing

Protecting your home’s shield is a combination of several components - your gutters, your windows, your exterior, and your roof. The roof and gutters work hand-in-hand requiring homeowners to respect the role that gutters play in maintaining a happy and healthy roof. 

A clogged gutter will begin to allow rainwater to pool at the bottom of your roof. The damage this causes to roof shingles leads to rot and cracks which then create leaks in the roof, which eventually make their way inside your home. 

Depending on the size of your roof and the materials it’s made of, the cost to repair or replace a roof can vary widely. In 2022, the average cost to replace a roof on Long Island is approximately $8,000. And this doesn’t factor in any inside damage that your attic or ceilings may have experienced.

Protect Your Exterior

In some cases, gutters that act more like faucets can spray water onto the side of your home impacting windows and siding. This recurring barrage of water can eventually make its way inside your walls causing wood rot, mold, and mildew. This type of water damage oftentimes goes on unnoticed for years until the homeowner finally notices an odd smell or dampness on their walls or floors. The cost to abate and repair water damage plus mold or mildew can reach well into the thousands. Small water damage repair projects average a cost of around $3,000.

Selling Your Home?

Everyone wants an attractive-looking home but we frequently disregard the gutters until they become unsightly. Debris that clogs gutters creates not only an eyesore for passers-by but can also result in black mold build-up. For homeowners that are readying to sell their property, a clean debris-free gutter is not only attractive, it tells potential buyers that your home has been well maintained. 

Maintain a Strong Foundation

Just like with your exterior, water that is unable to run through your gutters correctly and drain away from your home will create puddles all around your foundation. Foundations that begin to feel the effects of constant water will begin to crack and settle in ways that no homeowner wants. Worse case - your home will be deemed so unstable that your foundation can not pass a home inspection. The average foundation repair on Long Island in 2022 is more than $5,000. 

Keep Your Basement Dry

A damp basement is a sure sign of water infiltration from outside your home. Believe it or not, clogged gutters are a common reason why. That pool of water that sits at the base of your house doesn’t just impact your foundation but can create a disaster in your basement too. Damp basements deal with mold and mildew, ruined drywall and floors, and leaking windows. If you don’t mind an entire basement remodel, be ready to allocate $15,000 - $20,000. 

Keep the Pests Away

Is gutter cleaning worth it when it comes to pest prevention? Yes! Sitting water attracts amphibians, reptiles, rodents, and insects. Clogged gutters that trap rainwater for extended periods will become habitats for insects like mosquitoes and termites as well as frogs, snakes, or even rats. Birds will enjoy their nest in your gutters, too. It’s a sad day when one of our gutter cleaners has to move a nest of baby birds!

Maintain a clean, working gutter to ensure that nature doesn’t get too cozy along your roof edge!

Clean Gutters Saves You Money

So, how much is cleaning gutters worth? Regular, seasonal gutter and downspout cleaning helps prevent unexpected and expensive projects in the future. The 2 - 3 times per year you have your gutters cleaned will prolong the life of your home. 

Taking easy, preventive measures now minimizes the likelihood of having to spend thousands of extra dollars to repair or replace your roof, fix your foundation, remodel your basement, hire mold and mildew remediation, or replace the gutters themselves before their time.

Cleaning Gutters Yourself

For homeowners adventurous enough to climb up a ladder and spend several hours removing debris and possibly encountering the occasional unwanted creature, the DIYer may be perfectly comfortable.

Tips for the DIYer

If you’re thinking about tackling the seasonal gutter cleaning yourself, keep these few tips in mind:

  • Make sure that you have a stable ladder that can reach all of the gutters on your home
  • Have a spotter, if possible, in the event you need extra support to hold your ladder still
  • Take a walk around your house to assess what it will take to reach each gutter. A simple ladder? Do you have to climb out onto the roof anywhere?
  • Are there trees around the house that overhang and might cause you potential safety concerns?
  • While cleaning your gutters inspect for any rust damage, mold, mildew, or cracks in your gutters. These indicate you may need either professional help or to even replace or repair your gutters in some areas

If you can safely check all of these off, go for it! Your house will certainly thank you for it!

Requesting Professional Assistance

For homeowners that prefer to remain on the ground and have a professional clean their gutters, Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island is here to help! We offer a thorough gutter cleaning service that includes downspout cleaning, gutter inspection, and even a discount on certain gutter repair services.

Our contractors can reach your gutters - even those on complicated or steep slopes and roof edges. We can also work around any trees that may be a factor and will look out for any damage or other gutter maintenance that you might need. 

Get a Free Gutter Cleaning Estimate

At Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island, we are your local gutter cleaning and home improvement expert serving our Long Island customers with gutter cleaning as well as roof services, window cleaning, and pressure washing services.

Plus, ask about our cost-saving customized gutter cleaning service contracts. Our pre-scheduling ensures that you never miss a gutter cleaning and that they are always done at the perfect time for your home. 

Contact Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island today for a free estimate.

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