Avoid Scams: Things to Look for in a Gutter Repair Company

Avoid Scams: Things to Look for in a Gutter Repair Company

Every homeowner needs to maintain their gutters, and in general, most homeowners don’t have the expertise of a professional gutter repair company. But not all companies are the same. Some are trustworthy, some aren’t – and if you get one that isn’t, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Don’t worry. We've pooled some of the best tips and practices to help you find a reputable gutter repair company. Of course, we want you to use Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island. But in the event you choose not to, use the following tips to find a reputable gutter cleaning, installation and repair company, so you don't get scammed!.

Can You Find The Gutter Repair Company?

Don’t wait for someone to come to you if you need your gutters repaired; you should be able to find them with a simple internet search.

Does the Gutter Repair Company Have a Web Presence?

Do they have a website? Can you find information on them?

It’s not the twentieth century anymore, and if a business isn’t easy to find online when you’re looking for them, it’s hard to know the business is real. If you’re looking for a great gutter service and you can’t even find them on Google, they probably aren’t the best. Google will show you plenty of gutter repair companies that perform the services you need; don’t waste time with someone you can’t find.

Can You Find Their Actual Location?

Do they have an office address listed on their website? How do you know they are local to Long Island (or wherever your home is)?

There’s a big difference between a legitimate business and someone going door to door for on-the-spot service. That person may not be a scammer, per se; but this individual will not perform the quality of service that a professional company with a real business operation location will.

What Are Other Saying about the LI Gutter Repair Company?

Does the company have any good online reviews from reputable sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Houzz, etc?

If you spot reviews, don’t read just one – try to get a sense of what is repeated because these things are usually the strength or weakness of a company. If multiple reviews cite the company not showing up on time, you can infer they are generally unreliable.

Are They a Legitimate Business?

Here are a couple questions you can ask any legitimate gutter maintenance outfit. If you ask and get no answer, or worse, they avoid answering your questions, you should probably avoid that contractor.

“Can I see Your Contractor’s License?”

If a license is required, then a professional will have the license. You’ll want to confirm whether a license is required where you live, because if it is required and a contractor tries to tell you it’s not required, then do not hire that contractor!

“Are you fully insured?”

With work being done high up on ladders and roofs, a simple slip and fall can have drastic consequences. And if your contractor doesn’t have insurance or worse - doesn’t have the “proper” insurance, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit to cover the medical bills and lost wages of an injured worker. Their insurance protects you as much as them, so make sure you hire a company with the proper insurance for work performed from heights.

“Is there a written agreement?”

To cover yourself against any potential scammers, you need a written agreement of the job, and it needs to be legally binding. A hand-scratched one-line “contract” written on a napkin simply will not do. Your contractor must be able to provide real paperwork with the entire scope of the job written clearly so you can understand what you’re signing.  Of course, keeping in mind that standard routine services such as gutter cleaning typically don’t entail contracts.

Will They Help Save Money Over Time or Only Fix One Thing One Time?

Repair and maintenance is supposed to save you money over the time you own your home. It’s an initial investment, but proper attention will help prevent further damage down the road, and you’ll spend a LOT less now than you will later if you ignore it. When considering a reputable gutter repair company, make sure to ask:

Will the Gutters Promote Proper Water Flow?

In the wintertime, ice can clog the gutters just as much as debris and other trash. Will your repair company break up the ice safely and confirm that water is able to flow? Can they prevent ice dams?

Will the Gutter Cleaner Help Prevent Rodents and Pests?

Animal nests can turn your gutters into breeding grounds and cause a variety of problems. Most nesting creatures prefer dark, smooth, private places – your gutters are prime real estate.

Simply clearing leaves from your gutters is not an adequate solution. Bacteria and mold can form as well, which can attract rodents, mosquitoes and bugs. Will your gutter professional properly clean the gutter thoroughly to prevent pests?

Will the Gutter Repair Void Any Warranties?

If your gutters or roof has a warranty, it's imperative you only hire professionals who will keep it intact. Your gutters, like any part of your home, are an investment intended to last a long time, so you don’t want to lose your financial protections.

It’s likely your warranty requires proper maintenance, too, so make sure you can talk to your gutter repair professionals about regularly scheduled cleanings and repairs. Again, this is something that saves you money over the long haul, so don’t avoid it today.

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