Gutter Cleaning During Different Seasons: What You Should Know

Gutter Cleaning During Different Seasons: What You Should Know

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In many parts of the country, gutter cleaning is something that must be done several times per year. Here, in the northeast, our four seasons each year make for four or more gutter cleaning seasons too!

Since each season has its own weather and flora changes, your home’s gutters act as defenders throughout the year against the rain, ice, pollen, leaves, and summer storm debris. And, since each season experiences different assaults against your gutter system, it is important to keep your gutters clean throughout the year.

Let’s dive into what you need to know about gutter cleaning during different seasons.

Gutter cleaning during winter season

During the winter months, northeast properties experience wind, snow, sleet, and ice. Wind can create debris build-up in your gutter system from falling tree twigs and remaining leaves. 

The other wintry mix elements have the potential to create hazardous ice dams if melting water is unable to completely run off of your roof and down through your gutter system and downspouts.

Nasty ice dams are formed when melting water running off of your roof refreezes before reaching your gutter and flowing away. The frozen water forms icicles that hang off of your gutter as well as large sections of ice that collect above your gutter, along the edge of your roof. Falling icicles and the freezing water that expands under your shingles, are two of the potential hazards that can hurt you and the integrity of your home.

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Winter gutter cleaning requires specialized expertise and the ability to safely scale a ladder to remove ice dams and any tree or other debris that may be clogged in the gutters or downspouts. For second story homes, this is a particularly dangerous time of year. Hiring a professional for your winter gutter cleaning is the safest solution.    

End of winter season gutter cleaning

At the end of winter and before the spring pollen season begins, another inspection and cleaning of your gutters may be needed. Assuming that you no longer have any ice damming or other obvious debris buildup, complete a visual inspection of your gutter system looking for any cracks, breaks, or areas where the gutter system may be loose or coming unattached from your roof and home. 

Since water freezes in frigid temperatures, any trapped expanding frozen water inside your gutters or downspouts may create cracks and break points. If you see or suspect damage to your gutters, also inspect your roof near your gutters to locate any roof damage. Shingles that are raised up, cracked, or broken may indicate that frozen water expanded under your shingles. Melting water underneath shingles has a tendency to seep into your roof and into your attic. Identifying this potential problem before the upcoming spring rainy season will save you a much bigger headache and roof repair bill if caught early!

If you do see collected debris in your gutter system, now is the time to have it removed so that clogs don’t develop prior to the expected influx of spring rain. If you spot any cracks or breakages, be sure to handle your gutter repair as quickly as possible so that your roof and home are protected.

Gutter cleaning during spring season

While most people commonly think of fall as the time to worry about gutter cleaning, the spring season is equally important when it comes to gutter maintenance for your home. 

As winter subsides and the spring growing season commences, large amounts of pollen, tree blossoms, and final remnant leaves from the autumnal must be contended with. This is especially true for homes that have many trees around them. Since pollen is easily carried in the wind, even lower level plants and bushes can create pollen collections in your gutters. 

For homes that have gutter guards, larger debris is typically not trapped but small debris such as pollen is. Pollen can become very obvious during the heavy pollen periods, showing up as a yellowy-green residue on your roof and gutters. While some of it will wash away during a rainfall, pollen has a tendency to collect and stick to surfaces so is best removed before it aids in the capture and collection of other types of debris such as dead bugs and small tree limbs.

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Gutter cleaning for summer season

Beware the summer storms!

The summer season is notorious for heavy thunder and lightning storms that come with a heavy dose of wind as well. With wind comes much debris including twigs and larger tree limbs. Even the smallest storms can generate a fair amount of limb shrapnel - especially if you are lucky enough to have some beautiful birch trees in your yard!

Besides the potential for roof damage, limbs and twigs can also create stains on your roof that are best cleaned via professional roof washing.

Tree limbs and twigs not only collect on your roof, but can end up in your gutters as well. In many cases, they are too large to safely follow through the gutter system and, unless they happen to fall off of your roof naturally, they can become trapped causing other summertime debris to collect and clog your gutters.

The other guilty parties for gutter clogs during the summer season are summer pollens, seasonal flower buds, insects, and bird nests. It is worth hiring a professional gutter cleaner, especially if you see or suspect any animal inhabitants within your gutter system. Professionals are used to handling these instances with care.  

Gutter cleaning for the autumn season

Finally, we come to gutter cleaning during the autumn season. Autumn is the most commonly associated with gutter cleaning - and for great reason! The autumn season produces the most debris caused by the falling leaves of deciduous trees. The sheer amount of leaves can be overwhelming for many - especially when having to rake one’s lawn. If you see many leaves on your lawn, you can expect that your roof and gutters have collected their share of leaves as well!

Along with leaves, the autumn season produces seed pods, needles, and acorns that can collect in your gutter system. The large amount of debris requires immediate attention for a number of reasons:

  • For some homes, the sheer weight of accumulated leaves and other debris can result in broken or loose gutters, requiring repair or replacement

  • Rotting leaves and debris that are left in gutters for too long can result in very messy gutter sludge that is difficult to clean and can create unsightly stains in your gutters

  • Animals, such as birds and squirrels, may take advantage of the collection of leaves and  create nests in your gutters 

  • Clogged gutters heading into winter can result in trapped snow and ice that create ice blocks and ice dams that may crack or dislocate your gutters as well as damage your roof  

  • Accumulated leaves are unsightly, impacting the appearance of your home

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