3 Problems Sealing Your Gutters Can And Cannot Solve

3 Problems Sealing Your Gutters Can And Cannot Solve

Did you know your gutters and the CIA have a lot in common? In both cases, unwanted “leaks” can cause serious damage!

While CIA leaks of confidential information may result in lengthy investigative processes, many problems with your gutters can be fixed through gutter repair, such as sealing your gutters. Sealing your gutters can serve as a quick fix, but not every problem can be repaired with a seal. Continue reading to learn about the most common problems that can be fixed by sealing gutters.

Clogged Gutters

If your gutters have too many twigs and leaves inside them, water can trickle or flow over the sides. Debris from wind, animals, and trees can obstruct the flow of water to the downspouts. However, the best way to rectify this problem is to have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis. Another solution is to install gutter protection, such as LeaFree. While gutter protection may not completely negate the need for gutter cleaning, it will reduce the number of cleanings required.

Holes in the Gutter

After several years of use, your gutters can develop holes. One of the main culprits of holes in gutters is water. Over time, tiny puddles of water can pool in a certain part of the system and cause corrosion. When corrosion is coupled with jarring twigs, it can create a hole in the gutter system.

In many instances, sealing your gutters professionally can rectify the problem. The professional performing the sealing of your gutters should be sure to clean the area around the hole prior to sealing it. However, if the hole is large, most professionals will advise you to simply have the affected section replaced.

Loose Fasteners

Whether your gutters are fastened to the roof with nails, screws, or hangers, they can sometimes work themselves loose. This can result in runoff water flowing over the rear edge of your gutters. If left unattended, it can damage your fascia boards.

Instead of leaving it to chance, it’s best to contact the experienced gutter repair professionals at Ned Stevens of Long Island to repair your gutters and affix them to the roofline. However, if your fascia boards are already rotting, you will need to replace the boards first because the gutter system will not stay attached to deteriorating wood.

Sealing Gutter Cracks

Similar to holes, your gutter system can become cracked if corrosion is coupled with a sharp twig. Cracks, however, tend to happen where gutter sections are joined together or where fasteners pass through the metal. These locations are especially susceptible to debris or water accumulation and may completely separate from each other.

Smaller cracks that cause your gutters to drip can be fixed through the process of caulking or sealing gutters. Large cracks, on the other hand, may require much more work. In these instances, a professional may reattach the gutter parts at the seam where separation occurred. Then, the professional will most likely re-connect them to avoid future separations.

Joint Separations

Undoubtedly, one of the weakest points of your gutter system is the joints. The joints of the gutter system is where water bends around a corner before being directed downward toward the downspout. Your joints are highly susceptible to collecting debris and water, which can cause any of the previously mentioned leaks.

While Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island will always provide solutions on a case-by-case basis, the easiest fix in many situations is to replace the problem joint. However, depending on the exact type of leak, sealing gutters may be a sufficient repair solution. If sealing gutters is the proposed solution, it’s imperative to ensure the gutters are not sagging at the joint. If they are, it’s highly likely the leak will return in the future.

Improper Slope

Over time, the weight of debris, water, and temperature changes could cause your gutters to sag in certain spots. The cause of the sag is an alteration in the natural slope — which is responsible for channeling runoff water toward the downspout. After this happens, the water may simply overflow over the sides of the gutter system.

The solution is to reestablish the proper slope, which may be between .25 and .5 of an inch per 10 feet of gutter. Reestablishing the slope is commonly achieved by re-hanging some or all of the gutter sections.

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