Are Gutter Screens Useful or a Big Waste of Time?

Are Gutter Screens Useful or a Big Waste of Time?

If you are looking for fewer gutter cleanings, your best solution is to invest in gutter guards, gutter screens, or gutter protection. However, just because you have gutter guards doesn't mean your gutters will be maintenance free.

In reality, gutter guards are designed to reduce the number of cleanings while reducing the overall cost of ownership for your gutters. Continue reading to learn more about maintenance and cleaning for your gutter system if you have gutter guards or screens.

Are Gutter Screens Worth the Cost?

Without gutter guards, your gutters will get filled with leaves during the fall, while the spring brings a variety of other debris, such as flower petals, sea pods, small leaves, and much more. In order to keep your gutters functional to protect your home, you should schedule at least two professional cleanings every year.

If you have gutter guards, they can save you money by reducing the number of gutter cleanings required. The actual number of cleanings that will be required with gutter screens depends on a long list of factors, such as:

  • The number of trees around your home
  • Whether you home is downwind from other homes
  • Whether there was a recent storm
  • And more

At Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island, many of our customers have been able to reduce their number of gutter cleanings to as few as one every two years. At this rate, their gutter screens will pay for themselves in no time.

How Can Screens Extend the Life of My Gutters?

In addition to reducing the number of cleanings, gutter guards can serve as your first line of defense against a variety of problems and extend the life of your gutters. A few of the most common benefits of gutter guards are:

Prevent premature rusting: Screens help avoid premature rusting by preventing wet debris from residing in the troughs.

Help avoid freezing: Gutter screens are designed to promote the free flow of water by not allowing debris to become trapped. If water gets trapped during the winter, it can freeze, cause ice dams, and serious blockage, which usually results in water leaking into your home.

Works to prevent clogging: Larger pieces of debris can and will clog your gutters — without gutter screens. Once this happens, water can trickle into your basements and even cause your gutter system to collapse. Screens attack this problem at the root by preventing clogs from happening in the first place.

Do Gutter Guards or Screens Need to Be Cleaned?

First things first, gutter guards are great and an excellent investment for virtually any customer with gutters on their homes. As previously mentioned, most gutter guards work well for stopping large, dried leaves from entering into your gutters.

While they are effective, gutter guards cannot block everything that will flow into your gutters — especially the smaller debris and dirt. Based on the type of gutter guards you have on your home, you will need to clean your screens.

How Are Gutter Guards Cleaned?

At Ned Stevens Gutter cleaning of Long Island, we utilize a variety of methods to best clean gutter screens. The actual method we use will greatly depend upon the type of screen or gutter guard you have in your home. In most instances, our cleaning method involves us completely removing the screen, removing loose debris, thoroughly cleaning the device, rinsing, and replacing the screens onto the gutter system.

Contact Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island

Since 1965, Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island has been guiding customers to home maintenance and home improvement solutions. If you are considering gutter guards for your home, there are a seemingly endless number of products claiming to eliminate the need for gutter cleaning entirely. However, we have found that virtually all of these claims are over inflated promises — or outright lies.

As a result, we have spent several years researching, testing, and retesting different products. Out of our research, we have discovered two gutter protection products that perform as suggested.

  • Economy product is a milled aluminum screen that slips under the first course of your roof shingles.
  • Premium LeaFree works on the scientific principles of water adhesion to protect your home.

Contact Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of Long Island today for a free demonstration of either of our gutter guard products.

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